Kirby Dentistry



Rosemary W.

Dr. Kirby continues the excellent dentistry of Dr.Martin.

Jason O.

sandra M.

Thank you all for the first class service today!

Anita V.

Today I met Marie, dental hygienist, and Dr Kirby for the first time as the dental office is going through transition. I was Impressed with them both! Marie did a fabulous job cleaning my teeth, and Dr. Kirby was both kind and personable. Of course, Patti and Sabrina were a delight. I am going to truly miss Dr.Martin, as he was my trusted, excellent dentist for many years, but I believe he has left us in good hands with Dr. Kirby. Thanks to you all for making my experience today very enjoyable.

Marilyn S.

Dr. Kirby is efficient ,kind and professional.

Natalie S.

Dr. Kirby is very thorough and friendly. The entire office staff is amazing.

Emma H.

Great experience, friendly, clean, and professional.

Pam R.

Not much fun having 2 crowns done but Dr Kirby and his assistant made me comfortable by playing Elvis music to soothe me! Very pleased with Kirby Dentistry.

Felicia M.

They take care of you in a timely manner. The staff members are kind and friendly and treat you like family.

Cheryl C.

Lovely remodel of the office. Dr. Kirby is kind and thorough. He took time to meet me and make sure my questions were answered.

Lynne S.

I had my first appointment today with Dr. Kirby. Dr. Martin had been after me for a while telling me I needed to crown one of my teeth. So, I finally got around to it and was so very pleased with Dr Kirby. He was kind and explained every detail of the procedure to me. Dr. Martin knew what he was doing when he chose Dr. Kirby to take over his practice!


Everyone is very professional, friendly and understanding. The hygienist is gentle and explains what she is seeing and doing. Dr. Kirby is also very professional and does a great job explaining what and why things are the way they are, offers options, and makes sure you understand. I certainly feel that the entire staff is capable, honest, and not trying to make extra money off of any unnecessary treatments.

Kelly A.

Very thorough exam and kind staff. Have been going here for almost 30 years and Dr. Kirby will be a great fit to take over this practice.

Jeff R.

Had a great experience with Kirby Dentistry getting a night guard fitted. The staff was extremely friendly, responsive and welcoming. Dr. Kirby is very knowledgeable and explains every step of the process - plus the turnaround was very quick! Would highly recommend.

Carol S.

Linda H.

Susan B.

Shannon ( I think that was her name) was great! She thoroughly cleaned my teeth, loved her sweet disposition and personality! Great job on your first day!!!

Paula M.

Wonderful experience, as always.

Sarah T.

My husband and I are new patients of Dr. Martin and couldn’t be happier! Everyone in the office is friendly and wonderful. Autumn did a great job with our cleanings - both she and Dr. Martin are clearly passionate about what they do. Now my parents are scheduled with them as well! We’re so grateful to have found The Martin Dental Center!

JoAnn B.

Mercedes R.

Eric R.

I recently had to have crown put on one of my teeth. Dr. Martin and his staff were very friendly, informative, and professional. Autumn, the hygienist, thoroughly cleaned my teeth without hurting my gums as well. I appreciate their service and our family will be going there for our dental work.

Dina R.

Deno S.

Dave R.

We've been going to Dr Martin since 1978. He is a perfectionist in his work and is very honest in dealing with his clients!

Michael M.

Michael C.

Usual friendly and prompt service by well trained staff. Highly recommended.

Sue K.

I had my teeth cleaned by Autumn and she did a fabulous job. She is so meticulous with every tooth and educates about daily dental care. What a asset that she is to Martin Dental Office !! She is also very kind and sweet !!!!

preeda R.

evelyn T.

I have never had a dentist that was so honest, easy on your mouth, especially with shots and had such a friendly staff.

Joanne P.

Absolutely the BEST Dentist and Office personnel in the world! Always a pleasure to see everyone and get the top dental treatment!

Brantley S.

Gail B.

Dr Martin has been my Dentist for nearly 18 years. I can't imagine entrusting my oral health to anyone else. He is gentle, thorough and a great story teller. He is also a great educator and mentor for anyone wanting to start a career in the Dental field. He is the BEST!

Nick D.

Jay S.

Paula M.

Evelyne B.

Carol F.

Paul H.

Very good . No problems

Cora W.

Charles S.

Lauralyn B.

Debbie C.

Gregory H.

Dr. Martin has been our family dentist for more then a few years. We always feel welcomed and comfortable in the clean environs. Staff more than professional in their duties and hospitality. Thank you for your services and welcoming hospitality. The new addition of Sarah is A++++!

Michael R.

Paul G.

I have been going here for over 40 years and the staff is very consistent and very knowledgeable in each of their positions, Dr Martin does a wonderful job I have recommended him to my employees for dental needs and I am very comfortable recommending him to anybody that needs dental care.

Vincent S.

Very friendly and encouraging people.

Daniel B.

I chose The Martin Dental Center after my dentist closed due to the China Virus. If I had known that this level of quality and service was available I would have switched ages ago. From my routine cleaning to getting an old filling checked out, I couldn't speak higher as to what they provide. Also, this is literally the first time getting dental work where I felt no pain. I have a natural resistance to anesthesia and historically have had to power through feeling most of everything. Dr. Martin found my filling to have come loose along with decay underneath which made a crown required. I sat with not a single ping of pain and was out in what felt like 2 minutes. I was even able to go back to work, which has never happened before.




This is truly the best practice in town. Dr. Martin and his staff are courteous, personable, and very knowledgeable. More importantly, they involve you in your care and take the time to explain everything. You never feel rushed through. The office is always clean and tidy and during the pandemic they are pulling all the stops to ensure everyone is safe. I had to reschedule an appointment recently due to recent surgery I had and was pleasantly surprised to receive a get well soon card in the mail from them. Little gestures like that go a long way. If you are looking for a dentist who cares, look no further. Call Dr. Martin’s office and you will be in good hands.

abby S.

Dr. Kirby and his staff are very kind and professional. Their equipment is modern and the office is inviting. I felt like I was in good hands there.

donald M.

Excellent bedside manner and thorough.....staff friendly and helpful.

Shawnta W.

Very clean office during Covid-19. You do not have to touch the door or anything to get to your appointment. I was asked a series of questions before entering ie. Did I have flu like symptoms? All the standard questions asked these days to ensure I did not have Covid or had been exposed. My hygienist was fully gowned, gloved and wore a face mask with a shield. I felt protected and safe while getting my regular cleaning. They sprayed my hands with sanitizer and had me gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash before beginning. All those features helped to combat the virus. This has been my dentist for eight years now. I would highly recommend Dr.Martin and his staff to anyone looking for excellent dental services.

Thomas T.

I just switched to Dr. Martin and the experience was awesome. All of his staff are great and everyone was so nice and fun to be around. I had the best cleaning I've ever had. Glad I found them on the internet.

Colonel D.

I have had enough dental work with multiple dentists in my life to fund at least two sailboats for my dentists over the years. After moving to Atlanta in 2005 somewhat by luck my wife found Dr. Martin after a couple experiences with less than ideal dental practitioniers. Measured by any criteria Dr Martin is by far the best dentist I have ever had. He is highly skilled, very professional and we always have interesting discussions at my appointments. In addition his staff (Patty who runs the operation and Cheryl who does my cleaning, plus the rest of the team) are wonderful and great to work with. Beyond that, Dr. Wyman does not look for $$$ work to be done like some dentists but is truly your advocate under his care and you're well being, not your wallet, is his focus.

Rick S.

I have been going to Dr Martin for 12 years. The staff treats me like family and Dr Martin does excellent work and very thorough and most important- gentle. He is also great with young children. I highly recommend him.

Marie H.

Van M.

Neil D.

Patrick E.

Great Customer Service — Having an out of town appointment I had to reschedule my appointment last minute. Patty and the office staff were accommodating, and with a great attitude. Great Dental Practice — My family and I have been patients of Dr. Martin for 5-6 years and are very pleased with his care and counsel. His approach is conservative while providing great results. If you’re looking for a new dentist definitely visit Dr Martin’s office.

Rick M.

Nancy H.

As always, I was taken promptly for my appointment. The cleaning was thorough as was the examine. A very good dental practice with nice staff.

Barbara P.

Dr. Wyman Martin is by far the best dentist in the Atlanta area!!


Kathy P.

I can see why Dr. Martin is so confident about leaving his patients in Dr. Kirby's care on his retirement. The whole office is newly updated and beautified, and the hygienist, Maria, is very caring and extremely proficient. I believe we will be very happy with Kirby Dentistry goingforward.

Rick C.

First Time visit since Dr Martin retired. Great experience. Great people.

Catherine S.

Al E.

Will H.

Been going to Dr. Martin since moving to Roswell 3 years ago and have experienced nothing but fantastic service and professionalism. Dr. Martins staff is always kind and attentive. Definitely recommend them for any and all dental work!

Patty C.

This was my first visit to Kirby Dentistry since Dr. Martin retired. The hygienist was so careful to clean my very sensitive teeth with no discomfort. Yay! Dr. Kirby thorough and kind. Very happy to have a new dentist I feel I can trust!

Barbara S.

Carol S.

Ruth A.

Jo M.

Dr. Martin is an excellent dentist. He and his staff are very friendly and accommodating. Appointments are on time, and parking is easy.

Phyllis M.

Dr. Martin never fails to deliver the most efficient and quality dental service. His staff is always caring and professional. Dr. Martin has been my dentist for over 15 years and I would never think about going to anyone else for my dental needs. My last visit to Dr. Martin was 2 weeks ago for my 7 year old great-grandson who is still taking about how “amazing” his visit was. Today I went for 2 fillings for myself and I just have to leave another 5-Star review. I always get myself worked up and nervous about dental appointments especially when I have to have any numbing done. So afraid of that needle! Dr. Martin’s calm demeanor and gentle touch goes a long way toward reducing my anxiety. He is patient and never rushes, always making sure I’m completely numb. Thank you Dr. Martin!


Better than a college Panty Raid. Thanks Dr Martin!

C Z.

The staff is super nice and attentive, and we feel very well taken care of at the Martin Dental Center. We are so glad we found them!

Mary M.

Great dentist, technicians and staff.

Ted J.

Brian K.

Dr. Martin has been our family dentist for more than 20 years. In our minds there is no better dentist in North Atlanta -- regardless of your dental need or age, from kids to moms and dads to grandparents.

Donna W.

My dental appointment was a great experience. I wouldn't go anywhere else. DLW

Tristan R.

I have been to many dentists and Dr Martin is the best one by far. He goes above and beyond to make sure that everything he does is absolutely perfect. His dentistry is both beautiful and natural looking. I hate getting numbed up for a filling or crown, but with Dr Martin he gives the best injections I have every had, virtually painless. But the best part is that he is funny and tells you stories about things that have happen to him in the past, about his dental school experiences and about his family. I can honestly say that he has made my trips to the dentist enjoyable. See him and I can promise you will be extremely pleased. He is great!!

Joanne P.

Dr. Martin and his staff are just the best! I had a tooth emergency Monday afternoon and had an appointment Tuesday am - Everything was repaired and all is well! Just the best all around!! Sorry I just see them twice a year!!

Austin L.

I've been coming here for 20+ years and never had a reason to go elsewhere. Great care provided by great people!

Amy C.

I have been going to Dr. Martin's office for nearly 20 years. Everyone is friendly, you are seen right on schedule, and they are great about keeping you educated about your dental situation/health. Most recently, I took my three-year-old daughter along with me on an appointment. She has always believed the dentist was "scary" even though she had never been. At MY appointment, they took time to count her teeth and Dr. Martin made her a balloon out of a glove with a funny face on it. As soon as we got in the car, she said, "I want to go back to that dentist again." Now, I'll be setting up an appointment for her! I'm so glad they made the dentist such a fun and positive place for her. This experience will go a long way. Just one example of the caring, kind, and professional environment there!

Patti B.

Great as usual. Loved the new Hygienist Maria. Best cleaning I’ve ever had. Dr. Kirby is awesome as well.

Bigi R.

I love Dr Martin and I love his staff. I had a longtime fear of dentists since childhood and he and his staff recognized this and have helped me overcome this. My last visit was extremely professional as I waited in my car until called in, temp taken, hand sanitizer given, answered questions re: my recent health. The staff has always used gloves, face masks and shield and continue to do so. Dr Martin and his staff are thorough and always uses best judgement in treatments and he considers cost, facility and time measures. My teeth were cleaned, then Dr Martin checked and decided to do a little pro bono filing to make my smile a bit smoother and in line. I LOVE him! I hope they all outlive me because I have no clue where I would go if they decide to retire.

jessica L.

Chipper G.

Great work

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