Root Canals

Root Canal in Roswell, GA

Why might I need a root canal?

A root canal is actually a dental procedure intended to remove oral discomfort and restore your tooth. When the inside of your tooth is severely infected or decayed, Dr. Kirby at Kirby Dentistry For Oral Health and Aesthetics extracts any dying or dead tissue and bacteria from the tooth's interior. By doing so, he is able to save your tooth and soothe your pain. It is very important to remove this dead tissue and bacteria from your body to prevent the spread of infection, which can be dangerous and painful. Cleaning out the inside of the infected tooth helps relieve the pain and the infection. Millions of teeth are treated with root canals in the U.S. every year, saving these teeth and eliminating pain and suffering.

Root Canals | Dentist in Roswell, GA | The Martin Dental Center & Dr. Wyman Martin

What causes the root of a tooth to become infected?

An untreated cavity or oral injury can cause infection in the tissue and roots of your teeth. The infected tissue can develop inside the pulp or root of your tooth if you neglect to go to the dentist. Ask about treatment. If you don't, the infection could spread even further and lead to other health complications.

What does an infected tooth look and feel like?

If you don't deal with an infected tooth right away, you'll be welcoming a great deal of pain in the future. The usual symptoms of an infected tooth are:

  • Inflamed gums
  • Tooth soreness, especially when chewing
  • Acute tooth sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures
  • Halitosis
  • Pus coming from around the tooth
  • Painful throbbing in your mouth or jaw
  • Tooth darkening in color
  • A small pimple-like bump on your gum

How does a root canal work?

Dr. Kirby at Kirby Dentistry can usually fix your tooth within one or two visits. You will first require an X-ray to determine the extent of damage to the tooth needing the root canal.

Dr. Kirby will numb the region and make sure you don't feel anything during the procedure. He will put a small layer of rubber, or dental dam, around the tooth to safeguard it and keep it sanitary throughout the process. Dr. Kirby creates a tiny opening in your tooth to find and treat the area of infection in the root.

After this, Dr. Kirby uses small files to remove the damaged and diseased pulp and irrigates the area to wash away any debris. Until you return for a permanent restoration, which may be a crown, Dr. Kirby either seals the tooth or applies a temporary filling.

Book a consultation online or call Kirby Dentistry if you show even a minor symptom or sign of tooth infection. It could be more serious than you think.

If You Are Interested In Learning More About Root Canal Procedures From Kirby Dentistry & Dr. Kirby, Please Call Our Roswell, GA Office At (770) 993-7424 To Schedule An Appointment!

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