How a Dental Bridge Can Boost Your Oral Health

Tooth loss can be embarrassing and a difficult problem to face, yet millions of Americans deal with one or more missing teeth. If you are currently researching your treatment options and feeling overwhelmed, your Roswell, GA dentist, Dr. Wyman Martin, is here to take the frustration out of the treatment process. Learn more about how dental bridges can help.

What exactly is a dental bridge?

This fixed dental appliance is typically designed to replace a missing tooth, but may also be used to replace multiple missing teeth in a row. It uses two dental crowns to secure it in place, with a false tooth or teeth in between the two crowns that are used to fill the gap.

What are the benefits of getting a dental bridge?

There are several advantages to getting a dental bridge in Roswell:

They look natural

A fixed dental bridge is not only a great way to fill the gap caused by a missing tooth, but it can also improve the overall look, shape and color of teeth that need to be crowned to support the restoration. These artificial teeth are made from porcelain, which resembles the look of a natural tooth and makes the restoration stain-resistant.

They stay in place

The dental bridge is cemented into place through dental crowns, you won’t have to worry about removing them to clean them like you would dentures. However, we will give you tips on the ways to properly care and clean your dental bridge.

They can strengthen teeth

If the teeth on either side of the gap are also cracked, broken or damaged in any way then placing these dental crowns over them will actually help to strengthen these teeth and prevent further damage.

They last many years

Dental bridges are made from durable, resilient material that has to be able to withstand strong chewing forces. This means that they will last you many years, as long as you care for them properly. Even though no restoration is as good as natural teeth, bridges can last anywhere from 5 years to 15 years or longer.

They aren’t invasive

Getting dental implants requires multiple surgeries and takes several months, but getting a dental bridge is far less invasive, doesn’t require any surgeries and only takes a couple of visits.

The Martin Dental Center For Oral Health and Aesthetics is dedicated to giving you the smile you want. If you are interested in any of the cosmetic or restorative treatment options we offer at our Roswell, GA office, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. Martin today.

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